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Village of San Nicolas / Las Manchas

Lavas de San Juan, PR LP 14.1, is a 10km loop from the altitude gardens, the pine forest to a sea of lava. The first ascend is kind of steep but not too technical. After the loop, you can enjoy a post-run lunch at the restaurant Bodegas Tamanca (a local winery). You can drive to San Nicolas or take the bus number 200 from/to Los Llanos.

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El Paso, Lanos los Jables and Refugio El Pilar

There are quite some trail connections in the area of El Paso (600m) and refugio El Pilar (1440m). The landscapes between the pine forests and the dunes of volcanic sand are just magic. Most trails are not technical. El Paso is a village at the center of the island with shops, cafés and restaurants. The bus 300 circulates between Los Llanos and El Paso. No bus goes to El Pilar, you have to hike or drive up to the refugio. Once there you will find parking spaces, picnic areas and toilets.

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PR LP 14, El Paso to Refugio El Pilar via Llano de los Jables. Distance 5km and Technical level moderate. Astonishing views on the Caldera and the west coast of the island.

El Reventon, from Virgen El Pino (800m) up to the GR 131, then to Refugio El Pilar (1400m) or to the left up to Punta de Los Roques (2000m).

Loop around El Pilar, on the PR LP 16, SL VM 125 then back to El Pilar on the GR 131. You will have some views of the east side of the island and if lucky you may see El Teide, the highest peak of the island of Tenerife.


From El Pilar (1440m) to the GR 131, you can go up to Punta Los Roques (2000m) on the peaks route (12km one way). Punta de Los Roques is also a refuge with a shelter and water, where you can sleep over night. Or you can go to the Deseada II (1937m) on the volcanoes route (7km on way). By doing these trails and return, you get to explore those routes while keeping your car at Refugio El Pilar.

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Puerto de Tazacorte

Puerto de Tazacorte is the small harbor and beach of the village of Tazacorte. There is a pharmacy, ATM, mini market, cafés and restaurants. There are 2 buses between Puerto de Tazacorte, Tazacorte and Los Llanos, number 207 and 100. The bus number 100 heads to the north of the island and the village of Puntagorda.

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Vertical run El Time, one of the most popular short training spot. It’s the beginning of the Vertical kilometer of La Transvulcania on the GR 131 from the beach of Puerto de Tazacorte. Within 2km, you reach a first mirador at 250 meters, where you can just return down to the beach. If you feel motivated, you can keep going to the Mirador of El Time at 3.5km. The most adventurous may keep going on the GR 131 till you reach La Traviesa ( PR LP 10) at 1200m, you will have run the whole Vertical Kilometer of La Transvulcania.

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The Paris Chiquito Trail, the local race from Tazacorte goes to Puerto de Tazacorte, then follows the barranco (river bank) de Las Langustias up to a bridge. On this bridge, take the left to climb on the GR 130 up to El Time. When you finally reach the top at 650m, you can go down by the GR 131 to Puerto de Tazacorte. Some adventurous runners may keep going up on the GR 131 to reach 1200m (signs of the departure of La Traviesa, PR LP 10) before running down on the GR 131 to Puerto de Tazacorte.

GR130 to Los Llanos (the last part of the Ultra of La Transvulcania), run from Puerto on the barranco (river bank) de Las Langustias up to a bridge, don’t run on the bridge but turn on your right on the GR 130 up to Los Llanos de Aridane. You will arrive first in Argual, keep on the GR 130 till the main road to arrive to the center of Los Llanos. Los Llanos is the most dynamic city of the island, with all shops, bars and services as well as the bus central station.

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