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    Los Senderos de La Palma, la Isla Bonita

    2023年11月1日 · Trail Running,La Palma
    Let's run in the Pine Forest! This route goes from Jedey to Fuencaliente by the forest below Ruta de Los Volcanes. Most trails around the village of San Nicolas are still closed after the volcanic eruption. The village of Jedey is on the main road to Fuencaliente right after San Nicolas. You can...
    2023年11月1日 · Trail Running
    Vertical And Brutal: On the island of La Palma expect to encounter vertical / steep trails almost everywhere. Tazacorte is not expection. Its vertical trail happens to be the Vertical KM of the Transvulcania (the Ultra trail event of La Palma) as well as the Paris Chiquito and Paris Chiquitito ...
    2023年10月24日 · Trail Running,La Palma
    Ruta 1 - Sprint : A Short Fast Trail Running Route from El Paso. The city of El Paso on La Palma is now part of the Spanish network of Trail Running Centers (TRC web page). Three routes from the Reventón Trail (web page) are well marked and doable year round: R1- Sprint (Blue), R2 - Classic (Red)...
  • Trail Running in La Palma

    The small volcanic island is a true hotspot for outdoor sports.

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    A Trail-running Destination

    La Palma is one of the green paradises from the Canary Islands, the Spanish Archipelago in the Atlantic ocean.


    The volcanic island has a series of peaks above 2000m of altitude with Roque Los Muchachos, the highest culminating at 2426 meters.


    Each year in May the Transvulcania race attracts trail runners from all over the world.

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    The GR131 & Beyond...

    Popularized by the Transvulcania, the GR 131 (70mk+) trail crosses the island on the Volcanic Route from Fuencaliente to Réfugio El Pilar, then on the Crest Trail up to Roque Los Muchachos and finally down to Puerto de Tazacorte with a cumulative elevation of 4400m.


    Explore the major trails of La Palma (a trail-running guide).

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    Vertical & Brutal

    In La Palma, a flat trail is just a fantasy that doesn't exist... It's all about elevation, vertical up-hills and crazy downhills on volcanic rocks.


    Even the local race of Tazacorte, the "Paris Chiquito Trail" in just 19km has 2737 m of cumulative elevation (altitude max 1070m) including part of the Kilometer Vertical of the Transvulcania.


    (C) Credits Photos Alexis Berg.

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    Training Hotspot

    Tazacorte is a perfect spot for training with easy access to the main trails, a vertical kilometer and the sea to swim after a demanding run. Or, you can simply relax on the beach, enjoying the most pleasant weather year round, a sunny 20-24°C.


    Find more on Tazacorte as a training spot.


    Questions? contact me.

  • Remote Working from La Palma

    Published on rePeople.co or MEDIUM.com

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    Why Not Working from La Palma?

    • Where is La Palma?

    • What’s the weather like in La Palma?

    • What’s the cost of living in La Palma?

    • Who is the right audience to enjoy working from La Palma

    - Creatives

    - Nature Lovers

    - Spanish aficionados


    Feeling Lost, get in touch ^^


    Read on rePeople "Why Not Working from La Palma?"

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    La Palma, a peaceful oasis for creative nomads

    Original article published on MEDIUM


    • La Palma is not Las Palmas or Palma de Mallorca!

    • Why specifically for creative and not simply digital nomads?

    • Why La Palma?

    • Why staying on the west coast?

    • Try, explore and see by yourself …


    Let's Talk ^^


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  • Hiking in La Palma

    For those who prefer a slower pace and enjoy a bit more of the scenery. 

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    Those Who Don’t Trail Run, Hike!

    La Palma is as equally beautiful and cultivated as it is savage and raw. The dichotomy of this fact can be unappealing to some, but just the same it is part of the island’s charm. I fell in love with the island after my first hike.


    We went to El Pilar and did a loop that knocked my socks off in every sense, including a short bout of vertigo at the peak, but from that point forward I was in love. The 360-degree views of the El Pilar loop were magnificent. What is most impressive about La Palma is the ever-changing landscapes throughout the island.

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    Since then, hiking the endless trails of La Palma has become one of my favorite pastimes. For medical reasons, I am no longer able to run so while my husband runs off, I prefer to explore the trails of La Palma at a slower pace and enjoy a bit more of the scenery.


    If you prefer the fast-paced life, check out my husband’s blog posts on trail running La Palma, but if you are more like me and prefer a slower pace, then I hope my blog posts will help you plan your next hiking adventure in La Palma.