Closed Trails in La Palma

The list of the closed trails following the eruption

About a year after the eruption of the Tajogaite volcano in La Palma, the island slowly gets back to her life. Still the area from Llanos del Jable to St Nicolas / Las Manchas and Colada San Juan is of the exclusion zone.

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For hikers or trails runners, here is the list of closed trails:

- PR LP 14. El Paso - Refugio de El Pilar: noted as "Open" but this trail is closed from SL EP 100. As far as I know, you can’t hike up directly from El Paso to Refugio El Pilar. Update SEP 23: You have to pass by El Reventón and then La Hilera to go from the Visitor Center in El Paso to the refugio El Pilar or you can use the Ruta 2 from El Paso Trail Running Center, the route of the Reventon Trail Classic.

- SL EP 101 / 103 / 104 / 105 / 107 all junction trails around Llanos del Jable / Colada San Juan and St Nicolas

- PR LP 14.1 St Nicolas / Colada San Juan: closed.

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Update from September 2023: There is an updated Trail Map that includes the exclusion zone. Nueva Mapa Red de Senderos con la zona restringida. See below:

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The Map of the network of trails is available for free in any Tourist Center of the island. You can download the PDF version of the map Red Senderos La Palma.For all information about the network of trails: For the weather forecast in the Canary Island:

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